The Big Picture

I’ve been looking for a new TV for awhile. Well, not so much looking as thinking about buying. Which is weird, what with the fact that I watch almost no TV and that my 27″ Toshiba is still working; good picture, good sound, no troubles. Tasha says it’s a guy thing. Maybe it is, I don’t know. I think it’s probably a prelude to a new game console. What I do know is that I’ve been getting closer and closer to pulling the trigger on the big purchase.
I was thinking 1080p, LCD, 46″ or better, and not ugly. The problem with that is, I don’t want to pay what a 46″ LCD is going for. So my frugality is fighting with my bigger-is-better mentality. And of course you get in these stores with their giant showrooms and high ceilings and even the 50″ TV’s look reasonably sized.
So tonight after the gym, Tasha and I went to Sam’s Club and picked up a new TV. What did we get? Let me tell you how I made my decision before I tell you what I decided on.
As I already mentioned, I’ve been watching a 27″ TV for years now. We bought a 31″ before we got married in 1998, but it went with Tasha and then with Kirra, when Tasha moved here, and then it died. So anything bigger than 27″ is going to be an improvement. All I really want is that I don’t lose any height on the screen. I don’t want to spend a thousand dollars and would prefer to spend less than seven hundred. And lastly, my apartment isn’t all that big.
So I went with the 42″ LCD by Magnavox. And I’m damn glad I did. It didn’t fit in the car. And when we got it home we realized just how big it really is. Big. Way bigger than what we had. Hell, it makes my 26″ monitor look small. That’s how big it is. I like it, but I’m damn glad that I didn’t go bigger.
Next step is the game console… Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.