I managed to procrastinate enough yesterday, that the snow started falling and I couldn’t mow the lawn. But I did get the podcast edited and pieced together; that’ll be up on Tuesday. Today’s temps are going back into the high 50’s, so there’s no putting it off… I gotta mow the lawn and all that goes with it.

We have a dog.

Enough said.

I checked my grades this morning, but there’s still nothing posted for the Winter semester. That picture I used as the feature image is from my mother, she’s on another whirlwind tour of europe. Lucky lady. I ordered two more canvas prints of maps I’ve made, so I’ll be able to take down my existing real world map and replace it with my own personal fantasy lands. Anybody have any ideas for a arohenTV video? Lady Ronn made it into the GRCC magazine, Display, Winter 2019 edition. Congratulations on that.

published work

In recording my podcast, I had this weird intermittent issue with crackle and static in my microphone. It absolutely wrecked a couple different takes and I tried to catch it in the headphones, but it didn’t show up there. I assume it’s a cabling issue, but I don’t know. Do you? It’s a Blue Yeti USB microphone and it’s an intermittent problem that goes away on it’s own.

And lastly, here’s a little ditty about nuclear war that everybody just thinks is fun. Because it is. Who cares about what the artists were trying to say, it’s all about what we choose to hear.

Timbuk 3 – The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades