*** Backdating this because I forgot to post it last night ***

My neighbor brought down three of their very large pine trees a little while back and now they’re going whole hog and taking the rest of them down. Which is great, because they’ve been shedding branches every time the storms roll in or the wind picks up. Which has beat the hell out of the fences around them, crushed the roof of their garage, and made me nervous about building a shed. But they’ve only got three trees to go and I expect they’ll be gone when I get home tomorrow. Then they’ll have nothing left but the clean-up.

The tree guys came and asked to do this, so it’s all with my blessing. To drop the trees they took down my fence and dropped these big ass pines into my back yard. When they come down the house shakes. Trees apparently have some heft. The only issue for us is that with no fence, the dog has to go out on a leash during the day. They’ve been good about putting the fence back up, temporary-style, when they leave at night, but during the day there’s nothing to keep the dog from rambling about the neighborhood.

In related news. I now have an amazing view of the neighbors deck from my bedrooms. Their privacy fence offers exactly zero obscurement of my view. My hope being that their view of my bedroom window is less fabulous.

They did a nice job of fixing the fence, cleaning up, and filling the holes in the yard last time. So, I’m confident that my yard will look as good as new when they’re done. They say tomorrow, but I think they’ll be here doing stuff until Thursday.