Wasted Day

So my day started with the usual 3 hour trip to pick up the boys for the weekend. By the time I got back home the drugs the doctor put me on were kicking my ass. I was so fatigued by the simple act of driving that I thought I was going to fall asleep on the way home. Then, because I’m just that way, I went to the store with Tasha. When I finally made it home I crashed out in the bedroom for two hours before dinner. I woke up feeling no better, but suffering from diarrhea. Which the doctor had warned me about, so I wasn’t all that surprised. Another hour of napping after dinner left me feeling better. So I took the birthday-boy shopping. He picked out a game for his GameBoy, which seems to have made him happy. But the trip took what little wind I had out of me. Time to call it a night. Tomorrow is the big day, Father’s Day at my folks, and my grandfather is going to be there. It’ll be nice to see him again, as these visits are few and far between. Gotta crash now. Later.