The Boys – Amazon Prime

Last night we finished The Boys and while it was a bit gory and gratuitous in spots, I liked it. Lady Ronn liked it as well. It’s based on a comic book, but I think everything is anymore. The characters were all interesting, if not necessarily likeable. There were points at which I laughed and points where I was grossed out, but there was no point at which I cried. It’s not really that kind of show. Anyway, I’m looking forward to where it goes when it comes around for season two and I’ll be watching it whenever that comes out. I’m sure I’ve got a long wait ahead of me.

Jessica Jones – Netflix

In other superhero news, Jessica Jones season 3 has been watched on the ol’ Netflix. And while I am sad to see Marvel/Disney moving it’s content off of their competitor’s network, I don’t know that I’ll be sad to see Jessica Jones go away. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the final season, just as I enjoyed the seasons prior. But Jessica herself, she’s a tough pill to swallow. I liked her change to something slightly more heroic this season, but she’s never going to be a favorite character. But now that I think about this… I believe that I could say the same about all of the Netflix Marvel shows. They’re all very good shows, but in each of them, the main character is not my favorite.

True Detective – HBO

A show that we watched that I didn’t have high hopes for was True Detective season 3. Enjoyed the first season. Kinda thought the second season was crap. Season three… really damn good. I liked it quite a bit. I thought that they did a good job aging the actors through the three time periods the show took place in. I thought the chemistry between the two detectives was good, the father son chemistry was a bit weak, but it was a small part of things. The case was an interesting one. And who doesn’t like to watch grumpy old men solve mysteries. I mean, that could be a genre all of it’s own–Geriatric Detectives. I’d recommend this one. It’s good.

Good Omens – Amazon Prime

I don’t think I mentioned Good Omens on the blog yet. Watched it. Enjoyed it. Actually thought it was better than the book, which I listened to on Audible after failing to make an progress on the actual paperback. There were some things I didn’t care for, but then that’s just how I roll. Mostly it’s just bits that didn’t jive with me about how things were depicted. I’m not going to petition Netflix to ban it, but it’s also not going to make my all time favorites list. It was good. I liked it. Didn’t love it. Kinda worried they might try to make a sequel season. Really hoping they don’t. Let’s just leave it with what we’ve been given. Thank you.

There were a few things that we tried, that didn’t quite cut the mustard for one reason or another.

Hand of God was just too over the top for me. It was trying to be to cool, to edgy, to hip. Lady Ronn says she’ll probably watch it without me, but I’m taking a pass on this one.

Seven Seconds seemed like it was very well done, but after half an episode I just knew this is not the kind of TV I want to spend my time watching. Not my thing at all. New Jersey crime drama… this is why I’ve never seen the wire. I just don’t like this shit. The Lady of the house read the book, I guess it was based off a book, and says this is another one she’ll watch without me.

Longmire. One episode in and I’m annoyed. Just enough of the first book to make me think it was going to be good, but then it wasn’t following that book. I might watch this if it were on, probably not going back to it. Just a rural cop show.

We had both heard good things about Black Mirror. We watched two full episodes of it… Maybe if we were younger, hipper, less whatever-it-is-we-are. Just did not get the hype of this thing. It had some shades of Twighlight Zone, but just wasn’t doing it for us.

And there you have it, that’s what I’ve been watchin’. Later.

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