What's On That's Good

While searching for the next great watch, I was subjected to 2-hours of trailers and searching. Lady Ronn has a list. Most of her list is things I’m not interested in. These are highly rated shows that you would tell me are must see. I’m not interested. I like what I like and I don’t want to waste my time watching things that distress, depress, or displease me. Life is too short.

Dead to Me

We watched the first season of Dead to Me on Netflix and it wasn’t bad. I just wasn’t loving it. It felt like it didn’t know what it wanted to be. Should it be funny? Should it be dramatic? It did both, but didn’t feel comfortable doing either. Like I said, 1st season kinda dragged for me, but I made it through. Christina Applegate kinda rubs me the wrong way, both kids were annoying, and the whole thing seemed to be spiraling towards Three or four episodes into Season 2 and we drifted off to find something else.

Black Sails

We tried Black Sails, which is a show about pirates and you would think would be right up my alley. It might get better. Hell, we might go back to it. But it felt gratuitous for the sake of being gratuitous. Sort of like, look we can show boobs and swear and look how bloody violent our fight scenes are. Great. Call me unimpressed. Plus, it’s a show about pirates and I’m going to have a hard time rooting for any of these characters. For now, anyway, we’re moving on.


We settled on Maniac, which is a limited series on Netflix. Limited series, in this case means mini-series. We finished it last night and it was interesting, but I’m not sure I would have wanted much more of it than what they gave us. The retro future setting was neat. The premise was neat. The characters were interesting in a kinda limited sort of way. A couple of the “dream” sequences were not great, the fantasy one was terrible. I’m glad it only went on as long as it did. Limited is good.

So now, it’s time to pick the next show. Lady Ronn is feeling burnt out on sci-fi and supers, isn’t interested in the Mandalorian, and has way to many cop dramas on her list. But our marathon sesion of trailers has filtered her list into things I’ll watch and things she’ll watch alone. I don’t know what the next thing will be, but I’m betting I’ll find out tonight. Later.