I did not make any resolutions this year. But the usual things are still the things that I need to change in the new year. Really, what is needed is a lifestyle change. Fortunately, I both recognize that need and want to make some changes. I’ve been in a funk since the end of June and I need to shake it off and put things back on track, life-wise. It can be overwhelming to make a handful or more of resolutions and then try and turn all your habits upside down because the last two digits in the year have advanced. It’s a recipe for failure that we all experience. We do it anyway. It just rarely works out. My big change last year was giving up soda. I’ve had some set-backs and I need to cut out the sweet tea, but mostly it’s been a grand success. That is the direction I need to move in; the direction of success.


So what’s the plan for the website in 2020? More of the same. I’m not making any promises or grand schemes. I recognize that the website is what it is. I don’t think I’m going to steer it into sudden success and internet notoriety. But I still enjoy it. Still enjoy making posts and working on ideas. I still feel more-than-a-little self-generated pressure to have regular content. I’d like to do more video and more audio, but both of those things take a greater degree of planning than I usually give to the posts. I’m not saying I won’t do them, just that I’m tired of saying that I will and then not. I don’t have much of an audience and I’m not sure what that audience really wants, but I think they’ve come up with expectations and I don’t think the future will change those much.

I’m considering changing the look of the whole site, change up the theme for the new decade, but that could be a bit of a project and I don’t know how soon it’ll happen or how much of a mess the site will be during the changes. I took down the post email notification box, because I don’t think it ever worked. I’ve gotten reports that it didn’t anyway. I’ll look into it.

I’m looking at this whole endeavor less as a brand and more as a hobby these days. There for a while I was trying to figure out how to push arohen out into the world. I care less about that now. I still like the idea of the arohen brand as a catch-all for all these ideas, but I feel the same way about Rampant Lion, 274, and Creative Investigator. I’ve got too many unfocused ideas. At this point I’m just going to keep doing what I do and if the world stumbles across any of it, so be it. Mostly I do this just to give Denis something to laugh at.

I’ve got some ideas. There are things I want to try. We’ll see what actually makes it to the web and what doesn’t. I’m not done with this whole business of self-flagellation, yet.


Weight loss, flexibility, general fitness. This is not some pledge to lose 50-pounds in 2020. I don’t have luck with those. But as part of the whole getting out of my funk, staying away from mindless hours on the computer, and doing more, I’m pretty confident that there will be some weight loss. Mostly, this is about flexibility. Dear lord, have I gotten rigid and unbending lately. I’m sure the weight doesn’t help, but I’ve been heavy a long time. This can’t bend, can’t twist, can’t flex stuff is new and I HATE it. Once I get going it gets better, but first thing in the morning… I’m like the Tin woodsman in the forest before Dorothy comes along. So that’s the big goal for exercise and weight; do more. Healthwise, my plan to stop eating fast food is pretty simple; I’m going to leave my debit card at home when I go to work. No money. No fast food. Should also cut down on those impulse purchases at Home Depot.

I’m going to cover this one more thoroughly in tomorrow’s post, but I’m going to learn to play guitar this year. I’ve bought the guitar and paid for the lessons. It all starts on Tuesday.

This year I’m going to actually learn to use the Adobe CC. I’ve been paying for it, and Lady Ronn uses it for her photography, but I keep finding myself defaulting back to Corel. Because that’s what I know and that’s what I’m comfortable with. I’m going to delete it from my computer and force myself to figure this thing out. It’s better. It’s more powerful. There’s a ton of possibilities. I’ve just got to do it. Throw away the safety net and dance on the edge… you may not get any new images for awhile 😉

Writing. Always with the writing. You make time for things, you don’t find time. One of the things that I liked about being back in school was that I always had something I HAD to do. It really cut down on the amount of luxuriating time I had available to me. Which was a good thing. Staying busy is the theme for the coming, well, forever. Part of that is slotting in a bit of time for writing everyday. Not 1,667 words. Not 1,000 words. Just a conscious effort to do some everyday. That’s more than I’ve given it in a long time. I’m curious as to how much writing this adds up to. I don’t have a target in mind, just some stories I’d like to write and some skills I’d like to improve.

Say it with me, “No New Projects!” I’m talking about Home Projects, DIY Stuff, not repairs. You can never predict those. Right now I’ve still got things going on in the guest room, the office, the bathroom, the backyard, and let’s not forget the basement. This year is about finishing not starting. Hell, I have much of the materials I need to finish these things. There is no excuse to not get them done. I mean, other than the fact that new projects are so much sexier than existing projects. Enough. I’m going to even go so far as to extend this to my art/craft projects. I need to make a list and start checking things off. 2020 is the year of project completion.

One of the biggest issues for someone like me is complacency. I’ve done pretty well this time around. My life has been a bit of a rollercoaster of successes and failures, highs and lows. I’m at a high/successful place right now. And I have not been nearly vigilant enough about that. With the good times comes a luxuriating complacency that leads to laziness, gluttony, and a lack of focus. I need to make active, purposeful changes to retard that and reduce the likelihood of swinging back into those less prosperous times. That’s really what school was about. But school is over now. I did it. I got my degree. That makes me more secure in the workplace, but right now the workplace is not my main area of concern. It’s the life outside of work that seems to be out of focus and drifting with the tide. That’s why very little of this is work related. (Well, the fitness stuff may be an exception. After all, I’ll be carrying a 28-foot fiberglass ladder around until I’m 70 at this rate.)

I’ve pretty much thrown out any chance of success here. What with the scientific evidence saying that revealing your plan makes it less likely that you’ll succeed. But that’s just how I roll. My wife will probably read this and wonder when I’m going to have time to watch TV, but sacrifices have to be made. Perhaps we could get matching treadmills in front of the screen. Twenty-twenty, the next decade, and the foreseeable future are all about keeping busy, being better, and staying focused.

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