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  • A Few Locations

    The Five towns province as a populated region is 300 years old and occupies a 4,050 square mile area with an ample population density of 60 people per square mile. The area is roughly 33% arable land and has a population of 240,000. Details: 1,333 arable/settled sq. mi. (853,120 acres) 2667 wilderness sq. mi. (1,706,880 […]

  • Lost a Day in the Five Towns

    I started a sketch of a map on Friday during the weekly conference call. Then I doodled on it a bit while I was having lunch. It’s just an idea for a D&D campaign. A small bit of a larger map to get everyone started. I’m calling it Five Towns for obvious reasons. It’s a […]

  • Canvas Print Map

    Here’s an idea that maybe you haven’t thought of, or maybe you have. How about using those canvas print offers on Groupon to print your world map on a large canvas. Hmmm… that might be cool.