Dak Ilde

DAK ILDE as played by Doug
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Male Dwarven Rogue, 2nd-level

Reputation Social Rank 10
Strength 15  (+2) Fort. Save +2
Dexterity 16  (+3) Ref. Save +6
Constitution 14  (+2) Will Save +0
Intelligence 16  (+3) Alignment Spica
Wisdom 10  ( 0 ) Speed 20 ft.
Charisma 9  (-1) Size M (4′ 4″)
Armor Class 18 Base Attack +1
Life Points 14 Melee Attack +3
Action Points 12 Ranged Attack +4
Experience Points 1,000

SPECIAL:  Darkvision, Stone Cunning, Sneak Attack, Evasion
SKILLS:  Alchemy +2, Appraise +3, Balance +7, Bluff -1, Climb +6, Concentration +2, Craft (Devices) +7, Craft (Small Cannonry) +5, Diplomacy -1, Disable Device +5, Disguise -1, Escape Artist +3, Forgery +3, Gather Information +5, Heal +0, Hide +7, Intimidate -1, Jump +2, Knowledge (Arch) +2, Listen +4, Move Silently +7, Open Lock +8, Perform -1, Pilot +3, Ride +3, Scry +3, Search +7, Sense Motive +0, Spot +4, Swim –, Tumble +7, Use Rope +3, Wilderness Lore +0. 
FEATS:  Improved Unarmed Strike, Martial Artist
LANGUAGES:  Denwarfrey(r/w),Common(r/w)

portrait by Doug Parks

The most difficult thing for a young denwarf who’s left his underground homeland and journeyed to live among the human lands for a significant stretch of time is getting used to the change of the length of a day, for among the deep underlands, a dae lasts 36 lyts, being 24 lyts of awake time and 12 lyts of sleep time, and the change in habit can be taxing, but denwarfs are a hardy race, able to get used to changes in effort, and young Dak Ilde is no different.

Only a very important task could draw a denwarf of such promise from his clan and cavern to travel among the day-dwellers and hoondan, the tall children called human in their own tongue, and such a task lay before young Dak, for there is no attachment as binding as that of an apprentice and his master, and Dak’s master was Buric Liftrasa, a Finder of no small renown who had taken it upon himself to train young Dak in the ways of the night-rider, the light footed and able, and that very same Buric had been murdered!

Being that young Dak was a relatively perceptive lad, he was able to make contacts within the dark city of Kandrukafaren among those barflies and adventurers that frequented the inns and taverns so prevalent in that burg, and with his knowledge piece together a trail that would lead him from the corridors of his home city to the human town of Teesh, down in the balls of the realm, due to the fact that all clues pointed to the murderer being a human.

Growing up with little interest in mining, Dak instead directed his energies towards prowling the long trails in and among the carved-out rooms and buildings of the underworld, though spending not an inconsiderable amount of time in the arts of metalwork and machinery, as his keen mind was often working to identify the ways that things acted upon other things, both in the minds of denwarfs and in the devices that one could find in the cities of those hardy and resolute peoples, and these travels lead him to capture the eye of Buric Liftrasa, who sensing the potential of such a light-footed lad, took the effort to begin a training process that would lead to Dak’s beginning the life of a Finder whose first true mission was to find he who had murdered his master.

And thus Dak arrived in Teesh.

Ruby & Emerald D&D 3e campaign