Female Human Rogue, 2nd-level

Reputation 1 Social Rank 10
Strength 15  (+2) Fort. Save +3
Dexterity 17  (+3) Ref. Save +6
Constitution 16  (+3) Will Save +3
Intelligence 16  (+3) Alignment Brae
Wisdom 16  (+3) Speed 30 ft.
Charisma 16  (+3) Size M (5′ 4″)
Armor Class 18 Base Attack +1
Life Points 16 Melee Attack +3
Action Points 16 Ranged Attack +4
Experience Points 1,000

SPECIAL:  Sneak Attack, Evasion
SKILLS:  Appraise +5, Balance +5, Bluff +5, Climb +4, Concentration +3, 
Craft +3, Diplomacy +3, Disable Device +7, Disguise +6, Escape Artist +8, Forgery +4, Gather Information +4, Heal +4, Hide +5, Innuendo +4, 
Intuit Direction +5, Intimidate +4, Jump +3, Listen +4, Move Silently +5, 
Open Lock +7, Perform +3, Pick Pocket +8, Pilot +3, Read Lips +4, Ride +3, Scry +3, Search +6, Sense Motive +5, Spot +5, Swim +3, Tumble +4, 
Use Magic Device +4, Use Rope +4, Wilderness Lore +3. 
FEATS:  Nimble Fingers, Dodge.
LANGUAGES:  Maundling(r/w), Saric, Common.

portrait by Matt Wilson

Kaida was born and orphaned during the battle of Belisk in 35,720. Both of her parents disappeared during the fierce battles that raged during the short war between Belisk and Lenta. She does not remember her parents and believes them to be dead.

A kindly (and opportunistic) muirhaut, Rykeir Fancywhiskers, found Kaidachild lying amongst the dead in a village outside the walls of Belisk and whisked her away from the battle to raise as his own.

Rykeir took Kaida in and raised her as he would his own daughter, training her in the skills that he knew best; bobbing, boung nipping, dub lay, and the art of being a knight of the post. Rykeir was a thief and a con artistry, he taught these skills to his daughter and she began to back him up on shams and hoists. The two of them would travel from place to place, mostly at the whim of the local city watch or town guard, posing as scouts or guides, earning some small amount of legitimate cash as they planned their next big score. While on the road they would stay with wandering muirhaut clans and would always settle into the muirhaut communities of any settlement they happened to be staying in. Kaida found that she frequently forgot that she was not of her fathers species, until some uncouth comment by a human would snap her back to reality. In truth, she found the camaraderie of her adopted species to be the most comfortable company.

Not until Kaida found love in the arms of a human merchant, Dursir Tarval, did the duality of her situation strike her. She loved her muirhaut father and the friends that she had made amongst his people, but also she was in love with Dursir who did not understand her relationship with the muirhauts. Rykeir disliked Dursir and did not approve of his daughter seeing this crass and arrogant human. It was not long before the struggle of two cultures and the disapproval of Kaida’s father resulted in the end of Kaida’s relationship with Dursir. Kaida broke off her relationship with Dursir and moved on with her father. Redoubling her efforts to find the big score.

In the city of Uric Kaida fell afoul of a local politician, who chose not to forget a scam that cost him nearly a passings wages. Fallon Redentor vowed himself to stopping such crimes and con artistry in Uric. One of the first victims of this vow was Kaida. The city watch descended on one of her simpler schemes with a fierceness she had not experienced before, and with a mockery of a trial she was thrown into the dungeons below castle Uric. Her sentence was to be for 5 cycles, but the skills that Rykeir had taught her and her own good fortune allowed her to escape within the second passing of her imprisonment. Fallon swore to see her put to justice, as none had ever escaped him before.

Returning to the streets she was greeted by horrible news… While she was locked away beneath Castle Uric her father had been killed. Apparently he had gotten involved in a false con, a set-up that was orchestrated by Fallons men. When the bust went down things got rough and Rykeir had taken three feet of steel in his belly. Though she was devastated by the news, she realized she needed to move on. She needed to get out of Uric and find someplace where the law didn’t know her. A place where the pickings were ripe and she could make a new start.

And thus she found herself before the gates of Teesh. A moody, headstrong girl looking to make a fortune for herself. Though life has taught her to be secretive, independent, and untrusting soul, here she may find those who can help her achieve her goals. With a look over her shoulder and a shrug she heads into the city, looking for that one big score that will satisfy her thirst for wealth.

Ruby & Emerald D&D 3e campaign