Lan the Hand

Landrus Farhenge as played by Brian
Lan was born into a middle class merchant family in the port city of Geblhom. His family sent him to school to learn to reading, writing, and numbers. His father, Ghavdon Farhenge, also had him trained in the use of the short sword by the store guards. His father introduced him to the hand crossbow and Lan took to it readily. These were the things Lan would need to know in order to run the family jewelry.
Lan, however, was always one to look for excitement and danger for entertainment. To run a jewelers shop, learning gemcraft, was not his idea of entertainment. It was action he sought, and only action, or danger, could hold his attention for long.
This was his down fall as a merchant. He could never stay focused long enough to prosper in the family business. Lan was always bored waiting for customers to arrive, pretty gems to fondle and appraise, and never to spend. He wanted excitement, freedom, challenges; adventure.
“To hell with the law, it only stands in the way of excitement.” He would say each time he would pocket a small handful of coins from the till, or a sparkly stone from a pretty lady.
He was quick to exploit the law when the thefts became known, turning the suspicion away from himself. With his lack of interest and the reoccurring shortages in the till his father was forced to take action.
Lan was given a few gold coins, a packed bag, and his fathers stern gaze and was then thrown out of the house, out of the business, and into the city. Left to his own means he quickly wasted what little monies he had on a woman, wine, and a great deal on badly placed bets. He found himself homeless, broke, and alone.
Lan was too well known to get a job and too proud to resort to begging, so he turned to crime. He started mugging lone drunkards of slight build and unescorted woman, but found it was not profitable enough to support him in the manner he was accustom to. He started looking for ways to make more money.
On a whim he broke into the home of a merchant friend of his fathers, whom he remembered kept a cash box hidden in his dresser. That night Lan slept in a fine Inn, had a good meal and a bath, and enjoyed the company of a woman. It was too easy. Life was going to be good again. Lan had found a calling.
He quickly worked through all of the family friends, business associates, and contacts he could recall and stole all he could. He still was not satisfied. He wanted more. He found that there wasn’t always enough coin to temper the risks. He started branching out. He found a fence, Orisen Heartguard the Naughty, that would buy the items he acquired and there by help offset some of his risk.
The fence meanwhile was reporting to the thieves guild all of Lans activities and they were interested in this young talent. Lan worked the occasional guild job and took what benefits he could get away with from his association with the guild. He was unwilling to join the guild however, and this caused tension between himself and the guild thieves.
This went on for a few years. His father unbeknownst to Lan was a guild fence and frequently intervened on his behalf, keeping the young thief alive and in business. But his luck was to run out. In a fit of cold rage the guild master, Slan Thurbel, ordered that Lans father take out the boy he had been protecting.
Lans father and fellow merchants showed up at the door of Lan’s room with a number of guild thugs. The guildmaster insured the anger of the merchants by letting slip that Lan had been responsible for their losses. He had been set up. Many of the items he had pawned long ago found their way into his apartment that night. His father was the first to hit him, then the thugs showed him how the pros do it. Beating him for what seemed an eternity, he was left bruised, bloodied, and broken with only the warning to join the guild or leave town. The merchants took everything in his apartment after his father stopped the beating. Alone and near death, Lan had found his darkest hour.
Lan lay in his own blood, bile, and urine for two days before he was able to dress his wounds in old dirty rags. After a week of recuperation he received a package containing a note saying it was time to decide and three gold coins, it was unsigned. Lan left the splendors of Geblhom and has not returned.
He found himself poor and broke once again. He traveled north and east through many towns making small unnoticed thefts and avoiding the local guilds. Finally settling in the city of Sundabar. A fortified city of 36,000 people, once home to dwarves. Here he started working on new prospects and taking specific requests for specific items. This turned out to be profitable, as he would be paid the agreed upon sum and would also steal other coins or valuable items. Lan has begun to develop quite a name for himself in the shady places of Sevatep. He is the first choice of the discerning customer. And in a small niche market he is becoming quite the entrepreneur. If it’s out of reach, not for sale, over priced, or missing… with a contract he can be trusted to get what you want.