Gotta Get My Gita

I drove all the way to the college in rush-hour traffic, only to find a “class cancelled” note taped to the door. Which is odd, because the college has a whole system for notifying students of things like that. It sends out emails and texts and everything. Heck, I’m even signed up to that system. I have the app and everything. I feel frustrated by the whole series of events involved here.
To make the most out of a trip downtown, I picked up dinner at Gita Pita for Lady Ronn and myself. Of course, even that didn’t work out quite as planned. Seems I don’t pay enough attention to what she orders, because I got the right stuff; only without the proper toppings and sauce. I chose rice instead of hummus, picked the wrong sauce, AND I forget to get her a pita. I’m a horrible husband. I should be spanked.
Mine was delicious. It always is. Their chicken shawarma pita is just amazingly good. I could eat there five days a week. I love this place. Just wish it was closer.