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  • Lets Build A Guitar

    My boss has been playing guitar for something like 30 years. So, unsurprisingly, we talk about guitar a lot since I started down this path. One of the things he likes to do is modify and rebuild guitars and that is a subject we keep coming back too. All that talk got me itching to […]

  • Working Around the House

    I haven’t posted much lately. This is because I’ve been keeping myself busy with house maintenance stuff. It’s too hot to go outside, so the garage is not any different than it was before the electrical panel was installed. This causes some distress, but it’s even hotter in the garage than it is outside… So, […]

  • Joys of Home Ownership

    Just a quick update on all the home renovation going on around these parts. They’re still working on fencing in the backyard. They’re working hard, but I can’t get them to put a full day in and just get it done. Last night they completed most of it, but there are still a few slats […]

  • Dates Have Been Set

    More updates on the home improvement front. Today, I took phone calls about both the roof and the electrical upgrade. They’ll be here to start on the roof next week Wednesday and expect it to take two days. The utility company has scheduled the electrical work for the first day of July. And as I […]

  • I Hope This is a Long Summer

    A friend asked me, today, if I was playing guitar. I had to laugh, because, I don’t really play the guitar, so much as I practice the guitar. To play infers some degree of musicality to the thing. There is really very little music being made here. But, yes, I continue to wrestle with this […]

  • That Was Fast

    I had heard that two part resin cures faster when there was more of it, but I did not expect this. I know, I mixed too much, but I wasn’t sure how much I needed. I was working on the stream, waterfall, and pools in the cave diorama… I poured some. I adjusted my damns. […]

  • Additional Storage

    I started my day off with grounds in my coffee, moved on to some emails being ignored, and then went to the basement to try and put some ceiling tiles up that should have been done two years ago. The ceiling tiles started, because I wanted them out of the garage where they were both […]

  • Insulation Installation

    I had no work again today. There are a couple things in my que, but they would not be considered ’emergencies’ and until I hear otherwise, those are the only things I’m supposed to be doing. So, knowing that I need to get back on the home project wagon, I started thinking about where to […]

  • Mailbox Project

    One of the visitors to my neighbor did a bad job backing out a few years ago and the mailbox has sat at an odd angle ever since. I never thought my mailbox was anything special, but that didn’t really add “character” to the damn thing. But even still, I didn’t exactly jump at the […]

  • Offline Privacy

    I took half a day off yesterday to take advantage of the weather. Monday, my neighbor helped me get most of the remaining planks on the front and back of this shadow-box style privacy fence. Thanks, Ted. But we ran out of boards before the fence was finished. I grabbed another half-dozen boards at Home […]

  • Warm and Sunny

    Today, was a beautiful, sunny, fifty degree day here in Grand Rapids. Yesterday, was not too shabby either. It makes me impatient for spring to get here. I took advantage of the weather to straighten up the garage, get rid of some scrap, and put the finishing touches on my new lawn tractor. I arranged […]

  • Hair, Fur, Fir

    Do you see that look? He knows what he’s done. There was so much fur on my floor this weekend, that I could have made a second dog. I don’t know how he sheds this much. Constantly. Year round. Always. It’s crazy. I was looking for some pictures to post in my Google Photos and […]

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