I spent the evening in the garage working on projects. I sanded and applied polyurethane to the drawer that goes into the closet conversion. I also picked up a pine board to make the drawer front, but I cheaped out and the board may be too knotty to really work. I cut it to size and tried to get rid of the worst bits of the board. I’m not sure this is good enough. We’ll see once I get it primed up.
I also sanded the primer on the hex shelves, but didn’t get around to painting them yet. Mainly, this is because it would require me to decide on colors… Did I mention that the pillars that Superman and Batman are still just primer? Yeah, probably time to decide on colors.
Additionally, I made a small television stand for my neighbor. It’s just short of 4 inches tall and just large enough to hold up the TV. Basically, he wanted something that would let him put the cable box under the TV and since I already had all my tools out, I said I’d do it. So I grabbed some scrap MDF and put this little thing together. We’ll call it a house warming gift.
Oh, and I then cleaned up the mess I’d made in the garage. That’s what I did tonight, if you care.

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