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Roughed in shelves

I put the top two pieces together and wrestled them into place after work tonight. I decided to remove the trim from around the window. It was in the way and I have extra from previous projects, so I will just redo it to fit the current project. The next step is to trim it all out with face frames, but I think that will probably wait a few weeks. I need to give my Home Depot card a break and there are some other projects that haven’t been taken care of while I work on things for me.
I changed the lamps in my ceiling fan from soft white to daylight and the room no longer has that warm/dark look. The paint actually looks grey in this light.
In other news, I managed to get the Jetpack publicize feature working again, well, me and the tech at Lunarpages. Thanks to them. They really are great. So with that working again you can get your daily dose of on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter without any real effort on my part. Enjoy.