Bathroom: Sanding is Done

I finished up my sanding and put some PVA primer on the walls. I still need to vacuum the floor really well and then cut in the floor, but I had a issue with my Shop-Vac on Saturday. Seems, the filter got clogged and came loose from the weight and the bag blew apart…. I turned around and the hallway was just one big cloud of drywall dust. Anyway, here’s what things look like after one coat of primer.

first coat of primer

still a bit of a mess

I used the Kilz primer this time and I really like it. Last time, I used Behr and the coverage was terrible. It just seemed really thin and watered down. I think I used three coats, and probably could have done with some touch-up after even that. With the Kilz PVA primer the coverage was a little better, still not great, but the best part is that it goes on grey and dries white, which is super handy for 1.) knowing what’s been painted and what hasn’t and 2.) knowing when it’s dry enough to repaint.
Overall, things a looking good. Ceiling seems to be passable and the walls are not telegraphing a bunch of flaws. My corners and edges could be straighter (they’re a bit wavy), but definitely passable. I only had to go and touch up four places, and none of those was very large. I’m starting to think that this may work out.