Bathroom Update

this is a very small room too spend so much time in

Are you wondering how the basement bathroom is coming along? You should be, I haven’t given you an update in weeks. Come on. You know you want one. Okay, want one or not, here you go. The shower is in place, leveled, plumbed, and only needs to be caulked after the painting is done. I had to cut out some drywall outside the bathroom to put in some leveling shims on the far side, but that was the only hiccup.
All the plumbing for the sink and toilet is done, covered by drywall, and good to go. I put up the rest of the drywall and have it just about ready for primer; just a bit more sanding to do. I put down the vinyl floor, perhaps too soon, but I’m sure it’ll clean up. If it doesn’t… well, I have plenty more on the roll.
There was a redesign/rethink issue with the bath fan, but I figured it out. I was going to put the bath fan in the ceiling, but venting it against the run of the floor joists was going to be an issue, so I built a soffit to hide the ductwork and hold the fan. I think it came out pretty well. Even the outside venting termination looks pretty good, though, I did have to relocate my hose reel.
fart all you want, we’ve got you covered

This weekend I had hoped to get both the new toilet and the new vanity in place, but I used premixed mud instead of mixing it myself and that slows things down, what with the 24-hour drying time and all. But I was prepared, with a new toilet, vanity, sink, and faucet all on-hand and ready to go if I managed to get that far. I didn’t. Instead, I did some insulating of the floor joists to keep those always pleasant bathroom noises from traveling beyond the bathroom. I also straightened up the basement a little, because it was really looking like a workshop; tools and materials everywhere.
new throne for the sitting

nobody wants to hear that

don’t forget to wash after

for when it’s real bad

the lamp is a nice touch

It may not look it from the pictures, but I think I’m about ready to start priming the drywall. I need to do a little sanding on the mud I put up Sunday morning and probably touch up in a few places, but the real mudding is done. It’s starting to come together.