Craftroom: Slow Progress

My intention was to get my part of this room done, or nearly done this weekend. But every project has at least two projects hidden within it. This has been no exception to that rule. The electrical was more involved than I expected. The 2×2 LED lights don’t fit in a CeilingMax grid. The ductwork needed to be rerun and supported. What else? Oh, I had to finagle the CeilingMax into a couple places it didn’t want to go (I’ll fix that later, bigger project than I want to get into right now).
So what did I get done? I put sound deadening insulation in all of the joists to isolate the sound of the living room above. Then I supported my droopy gas lines (there’s two… it makes little sense). Moved the heating run to the outside wall and supported both it and the run for the room above. Wired up two light fixtures, where there had been one. Put up the ceiling grid. Realized that the lights wouldn’t fit in the grid. Created a work around for that. Cut and fitted all the tiles and then snapped in the runners. And then I cleaned up and I did it all with the near constant presence of the dog and the cat, who were both fascinated by the whole process.
It was an eventful weekend. Here are the obligatory pictures.

craftroom project

I used a 2×4 tile for each of the lights, because, well, they wouldn’t fit in the grid anyway. At least doing it this way I was able to center them in the room. I had to build a 3/8″ plywood backer above the ceiling tiles so that the mounting plate for each light could be secured properly. It was not ideal, but I’m pretty happy with the solution I came up with. And it doesn’t look bad, probably most folks won’t even notice the different tiles. Those lights… damn …those lights really brighten up that room.
I picked up the 1/4 round trim to finish off the floor, but didn’t get to it this weekend. I still need to put the ceiling and light in the closet, but I’ve got lots of extra parts for that. Then there are just two other things I want to do and one that I’m still waiting on.
That hole in the drywall above the electrical box… that’s the ‘still waiting’ project. I don’t want to seal that up until I finish running electrical lines; I still have two empty breakers to fill.
The shelf along the back wall is only about 9″ deep. I’m going to replace it with  24″ countertop, which will make for a lot of extra workspace. And lastly, I’m going to switch the bi-fold closet doors to sliders so that they don’t protrude into the workspace. At that point I’ll turn it over and see what becomes of the room.
this man looks tired and sore