Creative Investigator

It started with the idea of doing my office up like a Sam Spade/ Philip Marlowe style detective office. You know, something right out of the 30s. I’d have the glass door with the gold lettering; it’d be great.

But, as the office started coming together a number of my other ideas started to get mixed in, and soon the whole vintage detective office idea was usurped by a need for more shelves and more practicality. But I still wanted the door (and a Batman cape and cowl hanging on a coat rack…).

I found the door at Habitat For Humanity, and while it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, it was only $40. So I bleached the mold away, gave it a few coats of prime and paint, added some obscuring window film to one side, and it was nearly done. It was just missing one thing… the lettering.

I struggled a bit with the lettering: private detective, private investigator, writer, author, I couldn’t decide. I wanted private detective, but that didn’t quite fit the bill, and while I consider myself  something of an inquisitive bloke, private investigator didn’t seem right either.

I decided on Creative Investigator. Because I like to think of myself as creative; I build, I write, I make, I craft, I imagine. And because I am more of a jack-of-all-trades than a master craftsman, most of this creativity falls into the investigative realm, more-so than any dedicated craft. So it fit. I liked it. Now I just need to live up to the sign on the door. Oh, and I went with silver because it better matches the brushed nickle that is on everything else around this place.

private and confidential, rates negotiable

such dramatic lighting