Cut Down to Size

Do you remember those two pedestals that I worked so hard on? I searched for the article, but the pictures haven’t been fixed yet, so no link. Anyway, I built two pedestals so that my Batman and Superman busts would sit at the proper height. DC says that Batman is 6’2″ tall and that Superman is 6′ 3″ tall, so the pedestals were pretty tall. I think both were over 48″ high. Not so much anymore.

Clark Kent, Rampant Lion, Bruce Wayne

With the new shelves that I put at the front of the office the pedestals no longer fit in that location, so I had to make some changes. The heights are still true to DC Comics lore.
Also, those hex shelves are back up on the wall and I rearranged the stuff in them. I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out as well.
What’s with all this stuff? This guy is a complete geek!

One last thing, I said I was done working on the shelves for a bit, but I came home and finished the box frame, started trimming out the window, and then ended up trimming out the entire exterior frame. Now, I guess I have to finish that. Right!