Father's Day 2016

Happy Father’s Day

The wife has big plans for me today, so the bathroom project will have to wait a bit. Despite going a large part of yesterday with the water shut off, I was able to get all of my piping done in the bathroom and the laundry room. New valves are in place for everything but the shower… that wall may need to move a little. And as soon as everything dries out I can finish the drywall in the bathroom.
The shower stall fits far better than I was afraid it would, not perfect mind you, that would be too much to ask given that it’s set in 4-inches of concrete. But I can make it work with just a small bit of shimming. So I guess, at this point, I need a few 2x4s, some plastic sheeting, and some sand. I’ll use the 2x4s to finish that shower wall. Then I’ll wrap the enclosure with plastic to keep the insulation from getting gross. I’ll set the shower base and then fill the space beneath it with sand to strengthen the bottom and avoid the cracking issue we’ve had upstairs. But none of that will happen today.
gutted bathroom