Fireplace Refresh

Note: My camera is doing weird things with the color in these pictures. Those walls are a smokey lavender color and the final product is a much darker brown.
This has been a long project, but I didn’t want to put anything up until it was done. Lady Ronn and I ordered new furniture for the living room about 4 weeks back, with the expected delivery date 4-6 weeks out. Sounds like the truck is due to arrive Tuesday, so we should have new furniture next weekend.
Of course, new furniture means new paint and a general refresh for the whole room. This is part one of that…. I don’t like the fireplace. I don’t like the color of the brick. I don’t like the fireplace doors. I don’t like the mantle. Time to do something about it.
I started by tearing out the fireplace doors and dragging them to the curb.
But the inside of the fireplace was a sooty, dirty mess. So I had to first clean it.
I tried a couple things, but I found that a mixture of vinegar and water worked nicely. And compared to a few of the cleaners I bought, you can’t beat the price.
Once I had the soot scrubbed away, I painted the whole inside with a high heat satin finish black paint. You could probably spray paint something like this, but being as it was in my living room, I opted to paint it with a brush and roller. Both of which worked great. Now I have a nice big, black hole.
I watched some YouTube videos and did some internet research and decided to tackle the brick with cement stain. Which worked out well and was pretty easy.
1st coat. (Again, not sure what’s going on with the camera, but this is not at all the color it looks in real life).
As further proof of the weird camera color… this is after the second coat of stain to darken the brick a bit further. Weirdly, it looks lighter in this picture. Stupid camera.
So I put it all back together and you get something like what you see below in the before and after pictures.
20140509_194258 20150913_135223
So color in the pictures aside, we’re very happy with it. The next step is to build a new mantle and then paint the walls and then get the new furniture in place.

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