Goes So Fast

The vacation bathroom remodel did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. The tear out had some surprises; what with the mold, rotted flooring, and some framing issues. After I had the room gutted and stripped down to bare studs and floor joists, it rained for two days straight. Which made it difficult to pick up drywall and plywood without it getting wet. But once I picked up the supplies and put the floor down I still didn’t know what I was doing with the tub and surround.

I didn’t like anything from the home centers, they all felt very flimsy, so I ordered one from Ferguson plumbing… That will take as much as 6-weeks to arrive. At least I have the dimensions of the unit so that I could rough in the tub enclosure.

So I roughed in the framing, but had to move the plumbing around to make it work. As long as I had the walls down, I installed an electrical outlet up high in our bedroom so that we can hang the TV and not have any visible cords. That worked out nice. I patched the hole from the old laundry chute, fixed a few things I didn’t approve of, and then I used some left over sound deadening insulation to fill the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom. Finally, I put up a few sheets of drywall (key word here is few).

Even that didn’t go as expected, as I’m going to need to add another thinner layer of flooring to match the hallway floor, and as a result I started hanging the drywall at the ceiling. I don’t want  to have the drywall in the way to do that.

And then today I spent all day cleaning up the garage, basement, and office from the after effects of the weeks projects. Everything is all nice and straightened, but I did not get nearly as far as I’d hoped with the bathroom. Waiting on the tub surround is going to put a big stop in this project, as I really want that in place to do my drywall. Anyway, here’s a look at the project as it stands today.

Tomorrow is the start of the Summer semester at GRCC, so I’ll be busy as all get out from now through August 14th. This project may take a while to get done, but as my beautiful wife likes to say, “It’ll look so nice when it’s done.”