Happy Mother's Day

Saturday was a busy day for everybody around here: the Mother’s Day rush was going on at work for the missus, the youngest boy went to prom, the middle boy bought a new car, my sister-in-law got engaged, and I built the most, totally jacked, out of square laundry sink cabinet ever.

I just don’t have the tools for making cabinets. My table saw just is not made for projects this size, and it shows in the final product. But rather than rebuild it, I just jammed it in place and leveled it up with shims.

Sure, I still need to put a door on it, put a counter top and sink on it, and paint it. But it is what it is and I think it’ll work fine.

Today, I put down the vinyl flooring and patched up some of the drywall. I plan on both changing the material of, and boxing in, the dryer vent. Also, I’m going to build a ‘hanging wall’ from which to mount the upper cabinets. They need to be pushed forward, as they would be too far away to reach if I mounted them to the existing wall.

Everything is a project and every project is actually three. It never gets old.


I’m kind of jumping the gun with the flooring, but it really needed to be done. Besides, how long can I walk around the giant roll of vinyl flooring in the basement.

I would love to say that I did this for the mother of my children, as a Mother’s Day gift… But I can’t. I do more laundry than she does. I’m the one who is annoyed by this room. I have to admit that it was just the project of the day. I bought a Chinese feast for Mother’s Day; that was my contribution. She didn’t have to cook. She didn’t have to get ready. She had the whole day to do whatever she wanted. Happy Mother’s Day.

So, that was my weekend in a nutshell.

Happy Mother’s Day to all  the mothers out there. We wouldn’t be here without you.