How Are Those Shelves Coming Along?

How are those shelves in the basement coming along? So glad you asked. They’re coming along nicely. I’m pretty happy with them. I ran out of plywood, so I’m missing a few shelves. I had a small issue with the trim boards lining up due to that sheet of plywood behind the first two units, and my lack of proper compensating for said plywood. But I was able to use a couple shims and even things out pretty close. A little bit of filler did the rest of the magic. Once it’s all painted you’ll never notice that particular oopsie.

I may need to sand down the pieces next to the doors, as the clearance is pretty tight and I imagine that the paint will come off where it rubs. I’d love to hear your opinion on whether I should add a strip of trim between the doors. I’m thinking I should to keep the look consistent. Let me know.

all trimmed up and ready for sanding
missing four shelves

I took these pictures before I changed out the lights, so they’re a little dark. Sorry. Anywho, that’s the update on the shelves in the basement. Later.