If Only I had Some Sort of Shelf

20160528_211801The closet conversion is done. The front bookcase will be done once the paint cures, for another week or so, just to be safe. Fresh paint has bee put on the walls and ceiling. What to do next…
I started by clearing out some of the stuff piled everywhere in the office, being able to move those books to the closet was a boon. And once the old bookshelves were empty I could get them out of the room. Once there was some room, it was time for the next step in the process.
20160528_211818The lovely and talented, Lady Ronn, helped me get this big-bad out of the garage and standing upright in the office. Which was awesome, because it’s made out of 3/4-plywood and I don’t know if I could have moved it alone.
20160528_211656Once that was in place, I started working on the mirror twin of that bookcase to go on the opposite side of the window. It went together fast. First, because I cut all the pieces at one time, ensuring a uniformity of cuts that was non-existent it the first unit. And second, because I’d already made one unit and had a good handle on how the second one would come together.
20160529_144054I gave her a day to rest and recuperate before putting her back to work, but the two of us were able to muscle the second unit into place without doing any damage to the walls throughout the house. That’s awesome.
You can see stuff on the shelves, but that’s only because I had to put it somewhere, not because that’s where it’s staying. You may also note that neither of these units is trimmed out. In order for this to work out right, I have to put all five units in place before I add the face trim.
20160529_185814I was running out of plywood, but I had just enough to make one more section of the wall unit. I don’t want to block my register, so I’m incorporating a shelf above it. It’s very similar to the table I built before for this same location, only this one is built into the wall unit.
I moved the books, again, when I was securing the units to the wall. You can’t be too safe and I certainly don’t want one of these falling over on me. They’re very heavy and would probably kill me.
Once I get some more plywood I’ll make two more sections to go across the top and meet in the middle. I’m doing it in two pieces because; it’s just over 9-feet wide and one piece of plywood won’t span it without a seam, and, making two units will make things easier to handle and thus easier to install.
As a bonus feature, let me provide you with a few pictures of the garage/workshop after a couple days of heavy use. You can see the old table from behind my desk, the shell of the new desk, and that’s a shoe rack sitting on its side propping up my fan. All hints of things yet to come out of the workshop.

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