Illuminated Headboard 1

This Saturday was my birthday, but I still took time this weekend to work on some projects.
We painted and spruced up the bedroom for my mother’s visit last month. However, there was one thing that didn’t get done. We didn’t get the headboard up.
I took care of that this weekend.
This is just a set of eight inexpensive, leather-look tiles, that are designed to be stuck to the wall with double back tape. But, I wasn’t about to do that.
I’m not going to fix that mess of torn drywall paper and pulled up paint when we decide to change things up. So, I built a frame with a French cleat (my first French cleat project) and mounted the cushions to it, wrapped the LED light strip around the inner frame with some adhesive, and hung it on the wall at the head of the bed.
I think it turned out pretty nice for a cheap n’ dirty headboard.

I have a video of the various colors and effects, but I’ll have to add that later. My phone is not cooperating right now.