This is a simple thing that heralds great things in the near future. Well, perhaps ‘great things’ is an exaggeration. But it’s a big thing.

a simple yellow wire
a simple yellow wire

I finally finished running my dedicated 20 amp circuit out to the garage and that little yellow wire is the only evidence I have to show for it.
The current wire is just a 15 amp circuit and runs from the half-bath to the patio and then to the garage. Crazy. Yes, I think so too. But that circuit can be changed now.
I have run the 20 amp circuit across the basement and out into and up the garage wall. Both the refrigerator and the freezer are plugged into one outlet (Yes. They should have a dedicated circuit, but really, they’re extras and don’t deserve such special treatment.) and then the wire snakes around the corner to the outlet you can see there. The significance here is that it is out into the garage and I can finish wiring the garage at my leisure and tie it back that outlet. Very exciting stuff.
Now I need to decide how to set up the garage, because if I’m pulling all that stuff away from the walls to do the work, I’m only doing it once.

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