Just Add Books

This morning I started putting books on the shelves in what was once the office closet. It’s been a couple three weeks and I just can’t wait any longer. My patience has reached its end. Hopefully, the paint is cured enough that I won’t regret this decision.
So I loaded up the shelves and threw in some decorative nic-nacs in for good measure. I’m very happy with the way that this project has turned out. So much that I’ve kinda gone shelving crazy… but that’s another post. Have a look-see at what my hard work has created.
I’m still waiting for the other shelving unit to cure. I left the sailboat sitting on top of it for a couple days and it did exactly what I was worried it would do… It stuck to the bottom and left a bunch of ugly brown marks all along the top of the shelf. I was able to remove those marks with more elbow grease than I would have liked and just a dab of sand paper. I don’t think I’ll need to touch up the paint, as it looks pretty good, which is very fortunate. But it was not a good thing and I should have realized with the temperatures and humidity this past week that it was going to create a problem.
Tomorrow, I’ll share with you my progress on the next step in this office renovation and give you a peek into the workshop.