Long Day in a Small Room

Today, I spent the day in the bathroom, or what was once a bathroom, and hopefully will be one again soon. These kinds of projects take me far more time than they should, mostly, because I’m deathly afraid of doing it wrong or ruining the stuff I’ve bought. Anyway, today was a day full of visible progress:

  • Set bathtub on a bed of mortar, leveled, and secured to walls.
  • Plumbed in the new tub/shower water valve.
  • Drilled holes in and put up the shower walls, but have not yet secured them in place.
  • Realized I don’t have the right stuff to finish the drain for the tub.

The tub is level and holds water, as an additional bonus, it does not leak. There is hot and cold running water to it… again, no leaks. These are good things and sure signs that progress is being made.
Heidi kept popping in with her camera, so I asked her to give me some pictures to post. These are what she gave me.