Mixing and Mudding

Yesterday was quite full of not doing drywall, as was the weekend before. However, today, today was full of more drywall mudding. Much of the work has been done previously and I find that I am making single pans of 90-minute mix and doing mostly touch-up work. Well, that and sanding. Lot’s of sanding. It’s really not an enjoyable way to spend one’s PTO and I would not recommend it to most folks. But as I have proven, time-and-time-again, I am not like most, and so this is what I have tasked myself.
This may be the least effective way to do this project, but it seems to be moving along pretty well. Anyway, if I made larger batches it would probably become unworkable on me, as it does not have 90-minutes of actual usability… it’s more like half that before it gets too stiff to apply smoothly.
I’m at the point now where I need to, and probably should have done much earlier, fill the gap around the shower where the surround and the drywall don’t quite meet. The internet tells me that I need to use 20-minute hot mud for this. It also tells me that I need to add some screws to the flange, every 6-8 inches, so that mud has something to grab onto. So that will be tomorrows project.
The plan is to get some 20-minute mix, throw some screws in the surround, and then apply the mix. Once the first mud is in place, then I’ll add some mesh tape, add another coat of mud, and feather the whole thing out. Easy as pie. Nothing to it. I might even try to document the process.
So, to recap. Today, lots of sanding and spot mudding. Tomorrow, something new.