New Crafting Station

We were discussing home projects and my upcoming summer break Saturday Morning. I’ve got a lot of stuff that is mostly finished, some stuff that is less done than that, and I was saying to Lady Ronn that I was going to finish up these things before moving on to whatever the next project is. We started talking about what that might be, plans for our space, my cluttered up office, and next thing you know, less than 90-minutes later I’m starting a new project 😀
I was getting frustrated with the mess that was my office, plus, I need to clear it out to put down the new floor. So after some discussion about options and ideas, this is what I came up with. It cost me nothing but a little time. I had all that stuff either in the garage or the storeroom. The file cabinet, desktop, drawer, and those stacked rolling carts (with wheels removed) are all treasures that have come out of my various buildings over the years. The same is true of all the floor mats. I don’t remember where the plastic drawer-things came from, but they were free as well. The paint rack and tin can organizer are handcrafted pieces by yours truly.

I still need to install the shelves in those two recessed openings, but that was always the plan. I just haven’t gotten to it, yet. And I need to find or buy a chair, though truth be told, I do have some folding chairs in the storeroom and/or a ratty old chair in the boy’s room.
Carpet, paint, and some kind of treatment for the ceiling is still the plan for the basement, but this works well for now. The exercise equipment will eventually end up in the guest room, after I build a Murphy bed to get that up and out-of-the-way. Then that area will become a sitting space. All those old shelves will go away and be replaced by something more akin to the shelving in the office. And the crafting corner will get refined as I use it. Right now it’s got all my art supplies, the vinyl cutter and press, scanner, foam cutters, paper cutters, and sculpting stuff. The one thing that I do want, and this comes with the refining, is a light table. If/when I redo the desk I’m going to make the entire desktop one big light table.

the crafting station

basement TV

arts, crafts, and exercise

work or workout, that is the question

In other news, I took my neighbors advice and recharged the AC in the Spirit. It worked. Super cool! (See what I did there?) I’m not a car guy, so I get a little intimidated every time I open the hood, but this was easy. It cost $80 in refrigerant, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it when it hits 90°F later this week.