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I decided to make a thing for Lady Ronn. She has always complained that when sitting on the back patio, there is very little privacy from the neighbors. Truth be told, the bedroom window faces this same view, so the privacy there is compromised as well. Inside, the choice is to close the blinds. Outside, the only choice is to stay inside.

my not-so-private privacy fence

So on the way home from work Friday, I picked up some 4×4 posts. Then I dug some holes with my post hole digger. The frost line here in michigan is 42″ below grade. It’s been a long time since I dug down that far with a post hole digger. And I did it three times Friday evening. Had it done before my lady even made it home. Then, because that wasn’t enough fun, I dragged out four 80-pound bags of concrete and one 60-pound bag of mortar that I had in the garage, carried them around the house, mixed them up and dumped them in the holes. I feel both very accomplished and very tired.

My plan is to make a combination privacy screen and planter box that will sit in the little strip of lawn between the patio and the air conditioner. This will provide some privacy from the neighbors, muffle the sound and eliminate the view of the air conditioner, and fancy up the patio with some plants. The final project will combine the features of these two privacy screens and be made out of cedar. I may include a couple of drawers in the bottom for storage, not sure just yet.

ideas from Google image search

So far, all I’ve done is set the posts. The budget was a little tight this pay period, so I haven’t picked up the cedar boards just yet. Which is fine, I’ve got lots of other projects in the pipeline.

Oh, hey, in that first picture you can see the frame of what was once a patio table. I’m going to try something with that as well. I’m going to pick up enough cedar to put planks in where the glass used to be. It’ll involve some customization and some alteration, but I think I can make it work. Then I’ll have a table that matches the privacy screen.

For now, I’m going to let the concrete set-up, remove the grass in that area, and put in lawn edging from the far side of the air conditioner over to the patio, lay down some landscape fabric, and put stone all throughout that area.

Anybody need any logs? I’ve got 4 good size logs that I don’t want or need.