News from the Basement

My back is very sore!

That is all. Have a great day.

drop ceiling / soffit
drop ceiling grid / soffit
wiring straightened
wiring for lights
put wall back together
tunes, tools, and time off to relax and enjoy life

Just kidding. Lots of drywall mudding, sanding, seeing errors, mudding, and sanding. But pictures of that are boring and hard to see any change. Maybe once things are primed. The ceiling grid is up, but it’s not hung from wires yet. I spent an hour in the garage yesterday trying to find my hanging screws and the special bit that goes with them… How can I never find what I know I have in my garage? Anyway, I’m not making a run to Home Depot just for that. Wiring for the shelf lights is done and the wall at the bottom of the stairs put back together. I decided against rerunning the three electrical wires that run across my basement and opted instead to just straighten them up. It’ll have to do. I feel really close to being done with the drywall.

I’m sure primer will change that opinion. I’m going to go eat and let my back freeze up nice and tight. Oh, btw, thanks to my neighbor, Ted, for saving me a trip to the hardware store and for giving me a piece of ceiling grid.

I’m out of here. Later.