Office Desk Update

I couple weeks back I pulled my office desk out into the garage for an overhaul and while it is not done, it is at least functional once again. I still need to finish the trim, build drawers, sand and paint, and make some feet for it to stand on, but I’m using it.

desk front
desk back

I decided to revamp the plan; I took away the second set of drawers and replaced them with a leaf, making it into an L-shaped desk. Which actually works better, given that it is less deep than a regular desk because of the book shelf and having the extra space underneath gives me a place to hide the computer without adversely affecting my leg room. The overly-tall monitor stand is temporary. I plan on mounting the monitors to the wall, but until I find a system I like, I wanted to be able to put the speakers underneath and out of the way. It puts the monitors up too high, but I do like having the space beneath them.

I dragged the office chair and old living room chair up from the basement. The first so that Heidi (or Cooper) has a spot to sit when visiting and the later because I was sick of sitting on a folding chair. The visitors chair is too big for the space it’s in and the office chair is Heidi’s, but I think both help the room look finished. And anyway, she doesn’t use her office/craft room, so she can lend me her chair for a bit.

I’m pretty happy with the progress and the way it’s turning out.

it’s getting there