Offline Privacy

I took half a day off yesterday to take advantage of the weather.

Monday, my neighbor helped me get most of the remaining planks on the front and back of this shadow-box style privacy fence. Thanks, Ted. But we ran out of boards before the fence was finished. I grabbed another half-dozen boards at Home Depot and headed home to finish up this part of the project. Once the boards were finished I added a LED post cap on each of the posts.

I still need to trim the board length on the end. And I have an idea for a possible end cap. I don’t think I’m going to stain or paint this, but I may not have the final say in that decision.

As the weather gets warmer and sunnier, I’m looking forward to finishing up the landscaping on the ground and using that new pressure washer I picked up last year on the siding. Probably going to use it on the patio as well. Really, I just need to clean everything up here in anticipation of getting a new patio furniture set.

I’ve got a plan to add a big flower box on this side of the wall and make some smaller planter boxes to hang on the slats. But it could turn out to be a storage bench. That decision has yet to be made.

But with the longer days, I’m getting back in the mood to do some more projects around the house. Which is a good thing, as there are a lot of projects that need to be done.