On A Lighter Note

The basement living room is pretty good size, I’d say it’s a bit over 14′ x 20′, but it was also pretty dark. It’s got a low ceiling, even lower duct work, and it was lit by two of these.

even with a bright bulb, this doesn’t cut it

Something needed to be done, and that something was to replace these fixtures. Which is what I did.

As I mentioned, the ceiling is low; an inch or so above 7-feet. With that in mind, I wanted something that I could put up into the spaces between the joists. I had considered a couple different fixtures, but spontaneously went with these Hyperikon 1×4 panels I found for less than $50 a piece on Amazon.

Hyperikon LED Troffer 1×4 Ft Panel Edge-Lit, Dimmable, 40W (100W Equivalency), 4000K Day Light, 4000 Lumens, Drop Ceiling Light, UL & DLC – Pack of 4

There were two issues with these panels that I had not anticipated. The first is that the electrical connection box isn’t built into the fixture, the way it is in the more expensive fixtures I’ve previously gotten from Home Depot. Instead, it sits on the fixture like a little box, which makes flush mounting to an existing ceiling impossible. The second issue, and this is probably the reason for the first issue, is that these are designed to go in a ceiling grid or be wire hung, neither of which is my plan.

Fortunately, I have an entire joist space to work with, so the electrical connection isn’t an issue. And I have some extra drop-ceiling grid materials left from when I did the bedrooms down here, so I can fabricate some frames to sit these in. I could rip down some 2x4s to narrow up the joist space and then screw the ceiling grid Tees in place to make a frame. Which is what I did and it worked out quite well.

ignore my laundry drying on the exercise equipment.
note the 1×1 lamp next to the drill motors.

I bought the 4-pack intending to put two on each side of the duct work, but between the plumbing, gas line, and support framing I was only able to use one on the northside of the basement. I have a 1×1 panel that I’m going to put in the darker area in front of Lady Ronn’s craft room and I’ll pick up another to go in front of the laundry room/bathroom area.

It makes a huge difference. Most notably in the area of my craft station. It might be nice to put all these on a dimmer (and that’s possible with these fixtures), but as of now I have not done that.

Sorry about the mess. It seems that all my pictures show my place as a wreck and I guess it is in the areas that are under the influence of project fever. Someday I’ll show you nice finished spaces that will be the envy of all my neighbors. Today is not that day. Later.