Today, at Home Depot I had a bit of a panic. Why, you ask? There is a Ridgid table saw that I’ve been thinking of buying. It was $500 when I first saw it, but it dropped in price late last year to $400, and I almost bought it then. Today, I’d talked myself into buying it. I was going to pull the trigger… The damn thing is back up to $500. WTF.
So I left the store, kicking myself in the ass the whole way. I just looked at it a week, maybe two, ago and it was $400. Well, I remember seeing it online at the lower price, so I hopped online and there it was for $400. A hundred dollars less than in store. So I sat in the parking lot and bought it online and then went into the store and picked it up.
tablesaw“Now, there are two ways to look at this,” I said, to the wife. “One way, would be to say that I spent $400 on a saw. The other way, the way I’m going to say it, I saved us $100 on a saw.”
Anyway, I have a new table saw. Which makes me happy and will make several of my projects just that much easier. Yay, tools.
Tomorrow I will take it out of the box and put it together, then I can take a real picture of it and then cut some wood.

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