Picking a Project

I have lots of options today. So very many things that I could work on. Projects galore. But I’ve made the decision to get back to work on bathroom in the basement. The floor in the upstairs bathroom is getting pretty weak and I can’t really tear into that until we have a second full bath to shower in, so today I’ll be working on the basement bathroom.
I’ve already gotten a good start on it. The toilet is out, as is the sink and vanity, and I pulled out the fiberglass shower stall that was put in place to see how it would fit. I’ve torn out the old galvanized piping for the water and scraped up the couple bits of old flooring, made coffee, sent a text to the middle child asking if he wants to learn to solder, all that and it’s just now 10 am.
I feel so productive. 🙂
Here’s a look back at our progress to this point.

20120317 (4)
from the realtor ad

basement tear down

basement rebuild

20150812_183222 (2)
whoops! plumbing problems

it kinda fits