Plan for the Basement

Crafting station. Gone. Stationary bike. Removed. Assorted shelves, rugs, and clutter. Outta here. Lots of tools left, but I may need some of those. Otherwise, the basement is wide open.

School is out. I’m done with Biology and with any other classes until next fall, when I hope to be starting the bachelor’s program at Ferris State. In celebration, I’m taking a week off work. In preparation for my vacation I have cleared out the basement living room area. This means that all the other rooms in the basement are now extra full. But it also means that I can get down there and work my ass off. The plan is to make this my only focus for the coming week. From the time I get home on Friday and until I go back to work on the second Monday following, I am making it my mission to get the basement done and ready for carpet. I want this thing done folks. Enough is enough.

  • I have some drywall finishing to do.
  • I want to box in some of the ceiling and straighten up the wires so that I can spray the whole ceiling.
  • I need to prime and paint the walls.
  • I need to prime and paint the entertainment wall.
  • I need to hang a light.
  • I need to flush some of the nails in the floor and secure a couple of pieces of plywood.
  • I need to do a couple small carpentry tasks.

That’s the list. I’m not going to worry about putting trim down until after the carpet is in, because I think it’ll just be easier that way. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’ve got to get this done. Worst case scenario and I don’t get it done; I have the Friday after Independence Day off and that’ll give me four extra days. But I’m not counting on those days. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.