PTO: Weekend Edition

Saturday, I did all the usual stuff mowed the lawn, did laundry, and some yard work. I knew that it wasn’t going to be a project day, as we had a graduation party to attend, those things usually fall around mid-afternoon and kind of eat up a day. This one was no exception, 3-6. Only difference is that Friday night we got a call letting us know that the family was coming in for this shindig. So we threw in some house cleaning on top of the other stuff. Turned out to be unnecessary, as no one came to the house. Which was a good enough excuse for us to go to dinner at the new BBQ joint in town, City Barbeque. Their food was really good.

Today, I started in the basement. I don’t have any pictures, but then nothing much I did would look like anything to you anyway. I started by doing some mudding and tapping of the shelves by the stairs, mudded some rough spots around the basement, addressed all the torn up spots on the wall where the cat has torn things up… crazy cat. While I let that dry I pulled the staples out of my existing wiring so that I can either rerun it or pretty it up before I paint the ceiling.

Afterwards, I pulled open the wall at the bottom of the stairs where I need to add an additional wall stud to sturdy up a stretch of drywall that had too much flex in it. When it flexes like that the mud cracks and then it looks like sh… terrible. It looks terrible. But now that the wall is open I think I’m going to add lights to the shelves on the other side of the wall. So now I’m adding more electrical to the project.

I also, came up with an idea to box in the plumbing and add one more light to the basement. So, I worked on getting the soffit built for that part of the ceiling. I think that’s about all I did today in the basement.

whatcha' got there?

We ordered chinese food and about 8:30 I stopped working, cleaned up, had some dinner, and watched a movie, Skyscraper. Food was good, arrived in about an hour, and the movie was pretty typical action movie stuff. Enjoyable but not particularly noteworthy.

Tomorrow, more drywall, more carpentry, more electrical, and more fun. Later.