Refrigeration Applications Project

I’m a little behind on the updates and posts, but I wanted to share this .gif with you. A big part of my Refrigeration Applications class is the making and documenting of a project. It can be anything. It doesn’t even have to work right. It’s just a matter of making it, documenting the process, making the diagrams, running a series of tests, and putting it all in a report.

I’m making a thing that will, quite possibly, cool a six count of beverages. This is how I spent my Saturday. I’ll take it to class on Tuesday and start the piping and electrical.

destroying a perfectly good refrigerator

I built the box and installed the Styrofoam cooler, then I took an old evaporator coil and mounted a compressor to it, and it all came out pretty impressively, but I may have some modifications to make if I want to be able to get the rest of it together. With a little luck it will actually do what I want it to do.