Saturday in the Can

Let’s take a look back at the progress we made yesterday on my bathroom remodel project. I woke up, had some coffee, decided how I was going to approach this, and then turned this.

throne room at the start of the day

Into something that looked like this when the wife walked through the door after work. It’s a small change, but I like to think that it’s the little details that really make the biggest differences.

welcome to the nightmare
I had envisioned a scenario where I would basically pull all the tile walls down in tact and drag them to the bagster… That is not in anyway what happened. That back wall did come out in three pieces, but everything else involved making a lot of small (very sharp) pieces of ceramic and crumbled cement board. It did not go as quickly, or as smoothly, as I had planned.
I did get it fairly well cleaned up by the end of the day. I mean, you can still use most everything in the room.
only slightly creepy
The plan for today is to get the rest out (tub, toilet, vanity) and remove the rest of the drywall. I’m taking it down to the studs and starting from scratch.
I’ve got 8-days left, and that’s plenty of time to make this into an unfinished project. 😉