Last night I put down the second layer of subfloor to bring the floor level with the hallway and then hung all but one piece of the remaining sheetrock (I have to get behind the shower to make an adjustment and install a bracket I forgot). But even so, I feel like it was a productive night after a busy day.

Tonight, was the first American Government class for the wife and I. On the way to school, the car started acting odd; sputtering and stalling, indicators coming on and service warnings appearing, and limited speeds. It was an odd bit of work, so I called the dealership and arranged to get it in first thing in the morning… It didn’t last that long. Leaving school it started, grudgingly and after stalling twice. On the way home it just stopped, the motor stalled and wouldn’t restart. It’s probably a sensor or module of some sort that has gone bad.

Whatever the case, Great Lakes Towing came and picked up the car and took it to the dealership and Zachary took a break from work and brought us home. All in all, it was quite an exciting evening and one that has me thinking about a new vehicle.

I’m taking the next bunch of days off to get this project as close to completion as I can. I go back to work next Thursday, so the challenge is to see how far I get.