Sunday Revelations

I’ve been sucking in black mold like a 10-year-old sucks pop rocks… I’m feeling feisty.

I managed to get the tub, vanity, and toilet out and the drywall taken down. I even went and started pulling the floor up, but today has not been without its little treats.

You know how they say, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth… ouch.

Today has been full of revelations.

It was revealed to me that despite my plan to reuse my existing vanity, it’s a busted up PoS and that is not going to happen. But at least I can reuse my sink. Maybe. If the couple of scars it received today can be smoothed out, buffed, and polished. If those things happen, yes, yes I can reuse the sink. Grrrr.

There are three layers of floor in my bathroom. SWEET. It’s like a super-thick casserole of press-board and plywood full of nails and staples and screws.. And each layer is more rotted and moldy than the one above it. Here take a gander as I peel away the inch and a half of flooring, layer by layer.

layer after layer of surprises

So much rotted, moldy flooring for such a small room. Honestly, I don’t know how they did it. And, oh yes, that bottom layer is just as rotted and weak as it looks. Watch your step or you’ll go right through it.

So, that is it for today. Tomorrow I’ll pull up that last layer of flooring and start cleaning up so I can put it back together properly. You know, without leaks or mold.