That's Very White

It’s Easter Sunday and I hope the bunny brought you lots of goodies and put all the colored eggs in not too difficult places to find.
Yesterday, was a day full of white paint. It started with primer, which was just touching up all the bits of raw mud I created while patching all the rough spots in my drywall work. Then I cut in the ceiling with some old white paint, which wasn’t the same color as the new white paint, which I didn’t realize until I had run out of the old white paint while rolling out the ceiling and had to switch over to the new white paint. So… I had to cut in the ceiling all over again and roll the whole thing out one more time. It was frustrating, but I think the results are very white.

As can be seen in these very white pictures, which showcase three very distinct shades of pale.



more white

Today, the plan is to make some breakfast, clean up the mess, and then get to putting some color on the walls. We’ve chosen a lovely shade of taupe, which I’m sure will nicely showcase all the faults in my drywall work. I’m hoping to get the floor down today and maybe even get the toilet set.
Happy Easter.