Time for Sheetrock

Another day, another update on the main bathroom.

Today, I fixed everything in place. A few shims and it’s all square and plum, which is important if we decide to install shower doors. If we go with a curtain, it’s not so important. Once everything was shimmed and plumbed and screwed in place, then it was time to hang some drywall.

in place and awaiting use

I probably could have gotten all the sheetrock up, but I still need to add another layer to the floor to bring it level with the hallway and to lock in the bottom of the tub. It just seems like getting that down first will be the easier way to do things.

A couple things about this tub/shower that I feel I should share. It’s a Sterling Ensemble, which is made by Kohler, who have a pretty good reputation. The first thing is that this unit is made of a far heavier and denser material than the Delta shower unit I put in the basement. It seems more susceptible to cracking and crumbling, and yet, feels more durable. The second thing, was in drilling the holes was surprising, this stuff is tough and rather than doing a burn/melt as the drill went through, it instead created a very fine powder. I recommend a mask when cutting this stuff. It feels very strong, and with the mortar base underneath, it has no give. I think we’re going to be very happy with this unit and I hope we get a lot of years out of it. If we don’t, I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it.