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  • Family Vacation 2019

    If you were wondering where I was for the last 10 days or so, or maybe just why there were no posts for the last little bit, I’m going to address that in the next couple posts. If you really need to know and don’t want to wait, here’s the condensed version. I took some […]

  • Do You Like Pictures?

    Hey, if you like pictures of cats. Or more specifically, if you like pictures of my cat, you should check out Lady Ronn’s Instagram gallery dedicated to said animal, MyCatKillian. She’s a cute cat and the wife does a great job of capturing her personality. Plus, I’ve made you aware of a thing Lady Ronn […]

  • I'm An Uncle, Again

    Lady Ronn’s sister had her baby today and she was able to be there for the delivery. Congratulations to the new parents. You have no idea how much your lives are about to change.

  • Grandma Betty

    I am very fortunate to have made it to 50-years-old and still had a living grandparent. But, sadly, my last grandparent has passed on. My mother let me know she had gone to the hospital on Thursday; on Friday morning she gave us the bad news. Grandma Betty had passed in the earliest hours of […]

  • 5th Anniversary

    Five years back we tied the knot for the second time. Sure, we were a bit heavier, grayer, and more set in our patterns the second time around. But we are also wiser, more worldly, and have seen what it takes to make a relationship not just function, but blossom.  Life doesn’t ever stop throwing […]

  • Happy Mother's Day

    A day of celebration and of honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. Let’s celebrate with a movie celebrating my mom. and here’s one to celebrate the mother of my children. Both of those were compliments of the Google Photos Assistant. I only […]

  • Goodbye Glen

    I’m going to talk about my uncle Glen. I don’t talk much about family, because I never know who it’s safe to talk about and who it’s not. That’s why you don’t see much about the kids, the wife, or anyone else in my extended family. But today I’m going to make an exception. Glen […]

  • Kiss Me, I'm… Or Am I?

    It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Are you Irish? Am I? You’d think so, what with a name like McCarrick. But I really have no idea. I was born in the U.S.. My father, my grandfather, and his father were all born here in the U.S. So the barest of internet research turns up this from the […]

  • Happy Birthday Amanda

    Just wanted to send out a little birthday greeting to my baby sister. She’s turning 31 today. Not that she’ll read this.

  • Good News, Bad News

    I talked to my brother yesterday on the phone. First time in months, may have been before Thanksgiving when I talked to him last. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was shortly after I started back to work. Anyway, he went out and bought himself a Xbox with his fantasy football winnings. Which is great […]

  • Robert G. McCarrick

    Just got word that my grandfather on my father’s side passed away. I’ll write more after I’ve had a chance to think about this a bit and gather my thoughts. But suffice to say for now, I wish I’d have known him better. Robert George McCarrick May 7th, 1923 – December 24th 2003

  • Birthdays and Grammar

    Well, today was my son’s birthday. Tyler turned 13. He’s a teen now. I tried to call him and got the machine. He never called back, not that they ever do, so I’m left to assume that he didn’t get my message. Great. Another father of the year vote for me. Anyway, my grandfather is […]