Fifteen Percent

I took a sick day today and slept ’til noon. Some day’s that’s all it takes.
Tonight was the On Target Living Seminar at the East Hills MAC. It was a seminar that was free to I Lost It participants. Chris Johnson was the speaker, according to his website he’s America’s Peak Living & Performance Coach. The gist of his message is that little changes make big differences, thus the 15% difference. Meaning the first step, the first 15% is the biggest part of getting fit. He talked about the importance of diet, not calories, but quality of food. The necessity of rest, balance and white space in your life. And he showed some simple exercises that anyone can do almost anywhere. I say almost because he wanted us to try them and it was a bit too crowded to actually do exercise. It was a good seminar, I think even Tasha liked it, and you know how fussy she is about food. But two hours is a long time to sit on a folding chair.
My fast today went badly. I went without food for most of the day, but right before we left I had some taquitos, about 340 calories. Not a total failure, but definitely a failure of willpower. Tomorrow will be a better day for my willpower.

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  1. Pick 1800 to 2000 calories for your day and stick to it no matter what and pounds will melt off. I speak from direct experience. It’s very hard to stick to 1200-1500 calories for a grown man. You’ll probably fail if you try to keep it at 1200-1500 calories because you will be miserable. Fasting makes no sense and will set you up for failure. Will power’s not the key to losing weight. Your will power will fail over time and if you depend on that alone it’s not a sustainable diet. Also,the average person cannot burn enough calories working out to correct for a truly bad diet, but exercise is important as well to stay fit. But don’t think you’re going to work your weight off if you eat badly. Don’t cut yourself off from everything you like or your diet will fail. For example, if you like candy bars, eat half of one instead of a whole one, but have your snacks, just much smaller portions. Eating out is ladden with calories unless you choose Subway or Mr. Pita or some such thing to frequent. Find low calorie snacks you like to eat to replace higher calorie ones. For Ex. 1 small bag of baked chips instead of regular chips. Eggs. Eat just the egg whites and they are only around 10 calories per egg. Finally, watch your liquid calories, they add up quickly and can make or break your diet. Keep a daily log of calories for the first 3 months of your diet. DO NOT GO ABOVE 2000 CALORIES ANY DAY NO MATTER WHAT. If you eat something bad for a day (e.g., a 1000 calorie lunch) you can correct it later in the day by reducing calories the rest of the day. If you simply follow the above paragraph you’ll lose all the weight you want. Send me a check when you do and I’ll go out and eat a big steak dinner in your honor.