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StudentIDHow are you going to achieve your health goals?  What are some barriers you might encounter that would be an obstacle of you reaching your goals?  How are you going to deal with these barriers?
In order to achieve my health goals, I will need to change my habits and modify my unhealthy behaviors. The habit of stopping for a snack any time I want a break at work. The habit of breaking my fast at the drive-thru window. My habit of never taking just one when I can have two, or even three. I need to break the habit of calling it quits when I change out of my work clothes. Some of these habits have become so ingrown as to have become unconscious behaviors over the last eight years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself in line at the drive-thru by sheer unconscious habit. Or how often I’ll say, “make it large” or “I’ll take a coke” before I’ve even realize what I’m doing. These are the behaviors I need to change. These are the first steps to a better me.
I’ll face the barrier of an undisciplined eater and the barrier of nearly instant access to junk food at every turn, be that in the road or the aisle. The barrier of dependency on sugar and caffeine that has been nurtured in us as a society. And the barrier of probably not getting the true buy-in from those in my family who do not want to give up such treats.
In order to deal with these obstacles and barriers to the successful accomplishment of my goals I will need to be more aware and more disciplined in my habits and behaviors. I will need to make more conscious decisions about what foods I eat and what I drink. I will need to fill a water jug in the morning to ensure that I have something to drink. I will eat breakfast before I get in the van. I will need to make healthier decisions when choosing to eat out. And, most difficult of all, I will need to hold myself accountable for my own success. I recognize that there will be setbacks and lapses, but in not getting beat by those I will be able to put myself back on track for success.

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